Why do people hate America?

Why do people hate America?The latest in my series of political books is about the current climate of hatred towards all things American, brought to the fore especially by the events of September 11, and the subsequent so-called War on Terror, and the very recent, second Gulf War.

So far, I’ve got as far as the end of the Introduction, and so far I am impressed. This is a call for understanding, of the American culture, which seems its darnedest to become the global culture; of Western European culture; and of Middle Eastern, sometimes Muslim, culture. This requires dialogue, communication, open-ness.

I’ve visited the USA more than any other country, outside the UK. During my first visit there in 1989, when I was 17, I was awestruck by its vastness and enormity. During my last-but-one visit in 2001 I was quite disillusioned with America. It didn’t seem to live up to what it had previously promised to be: liberty and justice for all; I could see the cracks in the make-up. This year when I returned I had a more balanced view. As balanced as it can be in (a) California, and (b) living on Pacific Heights in a multi-million dollar complex! Our visit to Seattle I think helped.

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this book. It, and Michael Moore’s book, has certainly encouraged me to take a closer interest in politics. Are we too apathetic about politics? or do those in power do their best to make the system so unreadable and untryable that we simply allow them to carry on because it the game is too difficult in which to get involved?

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