Joinees in China Town

The view from Top of the Mark was exactly what it said on the tin: top of the mark. We sat at a table overlooking Grace Cathedral and Nob Hill watching the sun set and the city lights come up while drinking cocktails and port (not together!).

Forty-five minutes later and nineteen floors below we made our way down California Street to Kearny and found ourselves outside ‘House of Nan King’, a highly recommended Chinese restaurant. Ushered in by the owner we sat at a table and waited for Kate’s friend Pete. He let me know by text message that he was looking for a parking space and on his way.

By the time he’d arrived we’d ordered. Or rather, we didn’t. The owner and chef asked us to trust him, and once we’d told him NO SEAFOOD we were treated to a stream of dishes arriving at our table. It was all delicious and well worth the $35. After dessert at a cake shop next door, Pete kindly gave us a lift home.

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