Digitech RP6 out – GNX2 in, part 1

Last night my Digitech RP6 finally gave up the ghost, or at least in terms of being a gigable floor pedal. Only 2/6 pedals are working, and the Delay pedal has even fallen off. (I guess my excessive and forceful stomping on it in size 12s didn’t help!)

With a Powerpoint gig on Friday, and no effects board behind which to hide, this morning I toddled down to Sound Control, on St Mary’s Street in Edinburgh (just off the Royal Mile, and not that far from Waverley Station) and purchased a new Digitech (of course!). The Digitech GNX2 (featuring a GeNetX processor) was a bargain at £299.00. This is the same price that I paid for my RP6 in 1996 (at Rose Morris, on Denmark Street in London), but these days I get a whole lot more for my money.