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The Psion Series 5mx, Revo and Revo Plus, Series 7 and NetPad all use the EPOC R5 (Symbian OS v.5) operating system.

The Java™ Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to develop software for this operating system in Java.

Java™ is an industry-standard language supporting application and applet development on a very wide variety of machines. The EPOC SDK for Java provides a Java Compatible™ VM and library for the EPOC platform, and supports implementation of Java applications and applets written using any standard Java development system.

Native method development is also supported: this requires the EPOC C++ SDK.

(Taken from the EPOC SDK Help file.)


Download EPOC R5 Java SDK (Zip, 16.1 MB)


book-symbian.gif - 9kbProfessional Symbian Programming: Mobile Solutions on the EPOC Platform by Martin Tasker, Jonathan Allin, Jonathan Dixon, Mark Shackman, et al

(Paperback - 850 pages (1 February, 2000) Wrox Press Ltd; ISBN: 186100303X, £36.99)


Order this SDK on a CD-ROM from the SDK CD-ROM page on this website.


Installing the SDK

  1. The SDK will be downloaded as a zipped file (or files), so unzip it to a folder of choice, e.g. C:\PSION\EPOC

  2. When unzipped, install the program by running the file SETUP.EXE. The EPOC emulator will install to the default location, C:\EPOC32

  3. Read the readme.txt file. You may need to create a virtual drive to run the emulator. If you do you can add the following line to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:


    (where F: is the name of the virtual drive, and C:\EPOC is the location of the Emulator. Alter these for your own computer setup).

    You can read about it here on the Symbian Tech Notes: Which drive should I install my Software Development Kit on?

  4. Tip: If you do not create a virtual drive you may find in My Computer that the default icon for Drive C has changed to the EPOC icon. In this case, you shall need to create a virtual drive to correct this.

    Drive F will now have the EPOC icon. You may find that if you double-click the F drive icon you are prompted to set-up Windows. To correct this right-click Drive F and select "Open" (or locate C:\EPOC32) and edit the file autorun.inf removing, or REMing the line OPEN=SETUP.EXE

  5. As this is simply the EPOC operating system running under Win32 you have no need for BAT files or rebooting to DOS. Simply choose which size screen you want to run and click the appropriate icon. The emulator will first open a DOS screen and then the main interface.


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