Mahjong is a Chinese game of tiles, similar to the card game of Rummy
Mahjong tiles
Mahjong is a Chinese game played with 144 tiles and up to four players. Its rules are similar to the Western card game Rummy.

I’ve been played mahjong since I was a child, on account of my grandparents learning how to play it in Singapore and Malaya in the 1950s.

Around 2000 I created a website collecting as much information as I could about the game. That site gathered together information about:

  • Rules
  • Strategy
  • Books
  • Where to buy sets
  • Mahjong cards
  • Software
The site is currently offline awaiting a redesign. Sorry.

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In 2006 I co-wrote the book Teach Yourself Mahjong.

Teach Yourself Mahjong

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