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2007 Gareth begins to lose weight on a new eating and exercise programme. Jane begins new business qualification course at Glasgow Caledonian University.
2006 November 11 : Moved to new house in Anstruther, with a lot of help from our family and friends.

May 1: began work at the University of St Andrews as Assistant Information Architect/Web Manager

Jane continues to get lovelier by the day.
April: Moved to live in Cellardyke, the week following the bird flu outbreak.
2005 Gareth bought a Psion Series 7, which was quite exciting. Meanwhile, Jane wondered what all the fuss was about.
2004 National Youth Choir of Great Britain 21st anniversary concert in Birmingham.
Jane and her Mum start a new business: Enneagram Scotland.
Visit to California and Washington in January. Jane and her Mum attend an Enneagram course in Palo Alto.

I am now working in a ministry team at St Salvador's, Stenhouse and the Church of the Good Shepherd, Murrayfield, as well as chaplaincy at the new Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

Jane is now the New Start Co-ordinator for Duke of Edinburgh Award Scotland. This involves supporting those working with and promoting the Award with young people in prison or at risk of offending.
Move back to Edinburgh... and there was much rejoicing!
Finish curacy at St Andrew's Cathedral.  

Joined Join Me.

Training Rector leaves for a new post. I help run the Cathedral for 9 months with the Bishop.

Moves jobs to Elgin to work with the Aberlour Trust.
Holiday to California to visit Gareth's family in and around San Francisco.
Lived in Inverness! New Ovation acoustic bass guitar. Made good friend in Rich Olyott.
Ordained Priest in August 2000. Jane begins work with the Church of Scotland Board of Social Responsibility in an Alcohol Rehab centre.

Gareth and Jane get married on Sunday 25 July 1999 at St Thomas's Episcopal Church, Edinburgh, before moving to Inverness where Gareth is ordained deacon at St Andrew's Cathedral.

Graduate from TISEC and Edinburgh University with an M.Th. in Ministry. Jane works at the Western General Hospital Edinburgh in Health Promotion.
Gareth and Jane start going out, having met at Dad's funeral!
Dad dies on Sunday 4 January 1998 at 23:50.  

Gareth moves to Edinburgh to begin ordination training at the Theological Institute of the Scottish Epicopal Church (TISEC).

Diagnosed with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease, as are Jenni and Eddie (sister and brother).

Life in London is good. Gareth gets engaged, and months later breaks off engagement to Pauline.  

Move to London to work with Shaftesbury Society Homeless Services in Kilburn NW6, Camberwell SE5 and Bermondsey, SE1.

My sister Jenni gives birth to Benjamin Christopher on 3 May.


Still with Claridge Mills.

Bristol '94 NYC course, with video footage!


Move to Selkirk and work at Claridge Mills.

Graduate from St Andrews with a 2:1.

Move back into David Russell Hall (Donaldson 9) for my last year.


Still at Sloan St. Playing academic catch-up.

National Youth Choir of Great Britain WORLD TOUR: 9 weeks of sun, sand, sea and... singing.

Share a flat (7 Sloan St) with Ian Rankine. Oochi-ka-papa Man is born!  
Fail 2/3 subjects in first year - rather traumatic with Dad's health declining. Prof Shaw ensures I get in for 2nd year.  

Move to St Andrews to begin B.D. at St Mary's College, University of St Andrews.

NYC Beaconsfield #2, followed by 6 weeks in California and Oregon with Cousin Charlotte.

3 Higher Grades and 1 Certificate of Sixth Year Studies.


First NYC course at Darley Dale, with concert at recording at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

S6: School Trip to USSR: Moscow and Leningrad.

4 Higher Grades.


S5: Join National Youth Choir of Great Britain (NYCgb).

More SU-related romantic relationships! This time with Margaret-Jane.

Pass 8 'O' Grades. Become Prefect.


S4: Fell in love for the first time at SU event.

School trip to Greece.

S3: Bullying stops. Live Aid this year. Holiday in Guernsey.  
S2: bullied.  

S1: Begin Selkirk High School.

Dad has 3 brain haemorrhages while delivering the Faraday Lecture for STC/IEE in Nottingham.

P7: Mrs Stott - at last someone who can teach me long-division.  
P6: Mrs Milne - used to fall asleep in the cupboard!  

P5: Mrs McDougal - didn't like her either. The whole class ran away from her once.

Decide that I am going to be a priest not a doctor, and "heal the whole person".

P4: Miss Dickson - I needed glasses. I get a sister: Susan (Soo).
P3: Miss Mitchell - Eddie broke my fingers!  
P2: Miss Deans - didn't like her.  
P1: Mrs Cheyne - Gareth begins school at Selkirk Public School (Knowepark). Jane Elison Neilson born in Glasgow to Peter & Dorothy Neilson
A new brother arrives: Edmund Scott McCutcheon on 31 January.     The story so far: I seem to have an older sister: Pauline. How fun!
Don't remember much of this year.
Flares were in this year, I am told.

I get a sister: Jennifer Mary, on 6 November.

Baptised at St John's Episcopal Church Selkirk.

Gareth John McKeith Saunders born in Edinburgh to Rosalie & Keith Saunders on Thursday 11 November at 01:04.


Gareth and Jane

Jane and Gareth
Edinburgh, June 2003

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