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Mah Jong with Cards

Mah Jong can also be played with cards.

Cards or Kards?

(sometimes written 'kards' to distinguish it from the American Mah Jongg Association (AMJA) scoring cards, which are spelled with a 'c', and outline valid hands).

What's the difference?

The only major difference between Mah Jong with tiles and cards is that you cannot build a wall, but use a shuffled pack instead.


Pocket Guide to Mah Jong 1924Rules for Cards

You may use any rules for regular Mah Jong when playing with kards. The only major difference is that there is no wall to build; use a shuffled pack instead of a wall.

In 1924 de la Rue published "The Pocket Guide to Mah Jong" which advocated the use of Cards rather than Tiles.

Mah Jong Cards Print your own cards Standard Cards

Mah Jong Cards

Here are a few of the sets of Mah Jong cards available.

Print your own

Can't find any Mah Jong cards? Why not print your own?

Standard Cards

Here's how to play Mah Jong using four packs of standard playing cards.


Mhing box  


Mhing® is the name of a Mah Jong-style game. The rules supplied in the box are slightly different to most forms of Mah Jong, however, the cards can be used to play standard Mah Jong rules.

  • What Mhing looks like
  • Buy Mhing in the UK
  • Buying cards

    I have found a small number of outlets for Mah Jong cards in the UK, and available to the UK.

    You can find these in FAQ 07uk C.


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